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Reliability, quality and services are the essence of our business. We therefore continuously invest in innovation and new product development processes. Our established engineering team further assures the most exceptional customer services.

Dear Customer
Please be informed that we will be closed for summer holidays from August 3rd – August 14th (included).
We’ll be back to work on August 17th.Please notice that only incoming orders which are sent until July 30th can be delivered before the holidays.In emergency cases the technical service can be reached also during the holidays.

Together with our sister firm CTG PrintTec GmbH we are the world wide only producer of high quality digital ceramic printers and toners for the photo ceramic industry. This gives us the unique advantage to offer our customers a complete solution out of one hand.

Our ceramic toners that are available with and without flux offer the widest colour gamut and the strongest colours in the market. They can be used in our own manufactured industrial printers as well as in a wide range of standard colour laser printers and copiers.

INEQS ceramic toners offer the possibility of achieving near lithographic quality results from compact printers, without the need for high level technical skills.

After the firing process all results are dish washer proved and UV resistant for many years.


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