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24h Service

24h Service

We know that good service is part of the core competence of a successful company and are proud that our customers enjoy working with us for precisely this reason. The core of the INEQS company philosophy is competent and customer-oriented advice before, during and after the sale.

After you have contacted us (phone call, e-mail, text message, etc.) we solve over 80% of possible problems within 24h. As a rule, you will receive an answer on the phone or a written response within a few hours.

In order to offer you simple and quick solutions, we are happy to work with you in a customer-oriented and solution-oriented manner. Our experienced specialist team of engineers and technicians makes this possible. The biggest advantage is that we have all the consumables and printing machines at hand with which we can easily compensate for any production bottlenecks that may arise.

More than 80% of all possible problems can be solved within 24 hours.





We can always compensate for any production shortages on the customer side.