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Liquid Cover Coat for Ceramic/Porcelain/Glass/Enamel

Liquid Cover Coat for Ceramic/Porcelain/Glass/Enamel

We offer different types of liquid coating materials, depending on your need for surface finish and material composition.


  • Best quality results
  • Decals are easy to handle
  • You control the thickness of the coating layer
  • Suitable for high production numbers
  • Cheapest coating option


Cover coat with flux (leaded or lead-free)

For decals printed with flux free toner or fluxed toner.
Gives shiny finish but can leave a mark at the edges (“sticker effect”).

We can also offer liquid cover coat for glass or for a matt finish on demand.

Cover coat without flux (lead-free)

For decals printed with fluxed toner.
Will leave no visible edge.