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RIP Software by INEQS:

With our newly developed RIP(Raster Image Processor) Software you can improve your workflow even more!

The software is specifically made for working with ceramic toners and makes it possible to bring out the best of your laser printer.
It is comparable to other RIP-Systems (e.g. EFI Fiery) and offers a large range of applications.

It is an optional tool, that you can purchase and install at any time on Windows or MAC.
If you are an advanced user with the highest demands for quality, we recommend you to use it.

Advantages of using this software include:

  • Easy reproduction of prints with a high level of colour accuracy
  • Creation of ICC v.4 Colour Profile (CMYK and RGB)
  • Control of toner output – this can save you even more toner!
  • Density Adjustment
  • Linearization of each individual colour channel (Up to 8 channels)
  • Complete control of colour management
  • Usable with every printer model
  • Several printers can be controlled from one PC, no need for separate RIP-Controllers for every printer
  • Automation and storage of print jobs